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Trading Talent please rise

Starting March 20 - 2023

You and your team will combine basic python skills, strategic insights and analytics to out-trade your competition on a virtual market. Talent is mandatory. Skills will be taught. Winner takes all.

Trade your way to a tropical holiday

The ultimate prize

Next to eternal fame, a rockstar image and an instant phone call from our recruiters, the winning team will win a $25,000 tropical holiday. On top of that IMC will donate that same amount to The Ocean Cleanup, to help preserve oceans and natural habitats around the world.


What you need to know

It’s a 10-day live trading simulation (don’t worry, it’s not full time).

Basic python skills will allow you to code your algorithm.

Our dedicated wiki will teach you everything you need to know.

Join fully remote, from anywhere, alone or in a team (max 5p).

Go beyond the obvious

The world’s most innovative trading firm

IMC has been reinventing technology-driven trading for over 30 years. In Amsterdam, Chicago, Sydney and Mumbai, we create solutions to the world’s toughest problems. We go beyond the obvious. Join us now.