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Congrats team Puerto Vallarta

The Top 5 Teams
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Puerto Vallarta
Country flag US
United States
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linear utility
Country flag US
United States
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nah idwin
Country flag US
United States
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Podium badge 4
Country flag KR
South Korea
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Frankfurt Hedgehogs
Country flag DE
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Team Puerto Vallarta managed to outperform 9,139 other teams and are crowned winner of Prosperity 2024. Congratulations to all teams that managed to secure a place in the top 25 and took a prize home. Check out the full leaderboard. Our next edition is currently in the making. Follow our social channels to stay up to date.

The annual IMC trading challenge

Looking for the world’s biggest talents in trading.

Prosperity is a 15-day global challenge hosted by IMC Trading. Teams are challenged to combine python skills, strategic insight and analytics to trade on a virtual market lead their island into prosperity. Follow our social channels to stay up to date.

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